Aura Shield

In order to counteract the phenomena electric smog in an effective way, we developed some years ago the Aura Shield. Not only kinesiological muscle tests (Touch for Health), but also very satisfied clients prove since 2006, that the Aura Shield is capable to protect and to noticeably relieve our organism.

On one hand every Aura Shield is made with pure crystalline silicon, on the other hand we did consciously choose the frequency of the color light blue/turquoise. Today it is uncontested that the frequency of this color strengthens the thymus gland and is therefore able to protect ourselves from harmful vibration. As the frequency of this color exerts directly on the functions of the thyroid gland, this color is known to promote communication, creativity and self-confidence.

Wearing the Aura Shield features the following effects: • stress reduction • higher ability of concentration • less fatigue around electric devices • well-being, even after lengthy VDU work • improved creativity and mental freshness • major success in commercial transactions

Dimensions: 30 x 7mm sterling silver loop