Cotton Cloth

Our Cotton Cloths are 100% pure cotton and have proven themselfs for over 10 years. Everyday more and more satisfied customers report the positive effects. Primarily designed to use with babies and children, they are quite suitable for color therapy and are also great for teething babies. The Cotton Cloth creates a very soft tachyon field, similar to the silk shawls. And like shawls, they keep their positive effects even after being washed several times.

On behalf of our customers we can recommend them to people suffering from whiplash syndrome. In this case we can strongly advise using a light blue and/or dark blue colored Cotton Cloth. Colorful pure Cotton Cloths bring the diverse vibrations of the color spectrum to the individual user therefore harmonizing the entire organism and empowering further recovery and well being.

For therapists a Chakra set is on hand at reduced price. The Chakra set contains all seven colors (red, orange, yellow, pine-green, aquamarine, indigo blue and violet).

length 80cm x height 80cm available in 7 colors $26.50 each
Chakra set available at discounted price