The Dome is the corner stone for therapeutic work. It is very soft, and both supplies and withdraws energy. It can be applied for the release of pain and blockages, and to balance the Chakras. One of its special possibilities is to fill the hollow of the Dome with for instance homoeopathic remedies, Bach Flower remedies or other medicines. This information is then, with the top of the tool directed downwards, tuned into the respective Chakra.

The Dome concentrates a fine beam which can penetrate deeply into the organs. This shape may well be used with acupuncture, for instance with the top pointed towards small problem zones. The base of the Dome can be applied to "erase" problems or just discard them with stroking movements around the aura. That is why the Dome could be regarded as a "pain-eraser".

We recommend the indigo blue Dome as a very valid supplement to every first-aid kit.

diameter 30mm x height 45mm available in 15 colors $82.50 each
Chakra set available at discounted price