Geo Acupuncture Set

A wonderful product allowing channeling from the spiritual world is the Geo Acupuncture Set. This set contains sixteen glass marbles and serves the acupuncturing of the earth.
Thus landscapes can be harmonized, and both plant and animal life can be supported.

It is possible to create new power sites with the marbles. For this, eight or twelve marbles are pressed into the ground in a circle. The most impressive earth healing with the Geo Acupuncture Set was the experience in the borough of the southern part of Switzerland, in the Ticino, near Lugano. During a dowsing workshop in Brione, above Minusio, a set was buried in the nearby forest next to the brook. The set was "consigned" to the woods and to the adjoining scenery with a ritual. Still during meditation the surrounding trees dropped a large quantity of leaves very gently. The trees were allowed to shed leaves that were old and sick.

This workshop had taken place in June, a long time before autumn. The energy field was gentle, but still powerful enough to be perceived and sensed in a wonderful manner.

crystal clear $122.75 per set of 16