GeoTac Cards

GeoTac Cards –made out of pure silicon- have been designed to harmonize jamming effects caused by earth radiation. They are primarily used near the presence of water veins and faults. Water veins are the most well-known earth rays. They are subterranean floating water channels which deflect the electromagnetic field of the Earth’s core. This can be measured scientifically and their harmful effects are known to mankind for centuries .

These harmful zones are thus neutralized, harmonized and then re-polarized by changing the direction of the spin from left to right. A fictive groundplan of an apartment for instance shows the structure of a typical water vein. Although water veins are often not larger than 10cm to 20cm, they can, depending on their depth, be measured as a jamming source with a width up to one meter or more. The GeoTac Cards are an indispensable, 100% reliable tool for every dowser. The size of the plate required depends on the intensity of the problem area.

As known from electromagnetic fields, water veins are polarized through a left(counter-clockwise) - or right(clockwise) spin. Unfortunately most (70-80%) of the water veins are polarized through a left-spin, which is known to stress body cells of organism. Harmonizing water veins can be achieved by applying repolarisation, in other words changing the left spin to a right-spin. Many dowsers use our tachyonized GeoTac Cards to this effect with great result. To do so, the cards are placed on the floor at the spot where the water veins enter the building.

sml 70 mm x 40 mm food card $34.50 each
A6 130 mm x 90 mm purple $82.50 each
A5 190 mm x 130 mm purple $131.00 each
A4 190 mm x 270 mm purple $243.50 each