Kokuri Ring

The lilac-coloured Kokuri Ring with its hand polished glass sphere follows the idea of an ancient Red Indian ritual: the Prayer Feather Ritual. The ritual facilitates any kind of communication in such a way that it may bring solution to a problem, or it may help to establish optimum receptivity between two partners in talk and in the exchange of ideas. Generally it will assist anything related to the exchange of feelings and views.

The Kokuri Ring is intended to bring an immaterial and harmonious "group" focus to the endeavours of two or more individuals sharing ideas and thoughts. Bear in mind that the person speaking holds the opal glass sphere in his or her hand, whereas the other members involved should not interfere and should listen attentively. As soon as the person holding the sphere has finished his or her point, the sphere is passed on to the next participant to the left of the former speaker. This person will then continue the discussion and so forth. The sphere may travel around the circle even a couple of times.

On the top side of the glass Kokuri Ring there are six staffs connected with a continuous ring, they symbolize the Cosmic Principle of Creation. The bottom side with its three staffs and two continuous rings stands for the materialisation of solutions. This set could be very helpful during a diagnostic interview between therapist and client, bringing things out into the open like family problems. Also during brainstorm sessions in companies a Kokuri Ring can be of great use. Let yourself be surprised by the potential of this set!

diameter 70mm x height 20mm lilac $147.00 each
lilac plus sphere $211.50 each