Mirror Stick

The meaning of the name Mirror Stick is that the “Universe is reflecting therein“, and therefore anybody using the Mirror Stick will be too. Mirror Sticks are great tools in the mediums realm and assist in training the cosmic conscience. During therapeutic sessions, the Mirror Stick helps to balance the left and right side of the body. They can also be used to raise positive energy in rooms.

The potential of the Mirror Stick can be applied in the following areas:

- as a support for clearings on a material level
- as a support for reincarnation therapies
- for the re-discovery of ones own lost knowledge
- as a support for the inner wisdom
- for opening your clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities

To do so, hold one Mirror Stick between both palms of your hands; lightful energy will flow through your Hand-Chakras and stimulate all cells. Both sides of the Mirror Sticks are equipped with a pair of complementary colors.

Mirror Sticks are available in red/green * orange/indigo * yellow/violet

diameter 22mm by length 250mm available in 3 color combinations $175.00 each