Mobile Chip

Protect yourself and your family from the possible harmful effects of mobile phone radiation with the Mobile Chip! More and more people are aware of the potentially harmful effects of mobile phone radiation and are interested in safety, protection and their well being.

Tested "in vitro" (controlled laboratory test) in the UK the Mobile Chip was found to have "A significant Protective Effect on living human cells". The Mobile Chip is a small energized 24ct gold plated disc that fits inside your mobile phone. The gold plated (24ct) and tachyonized Mobile Chip neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones, pagers and digital DECT wireless phones. The Mobile Chip is attached in seconds. With a slender 0,2mm in thickness and a diameter of 21mm it fits into even the tiniest mobile phone.

The electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones hampers both natural energy flows and micro-electric exchanges between body cells. The Mobile Chip re-polarizes this harmful radiation in a positive way. The energy then moves in a natural direction from a positive to a negative pole, and stabilizes the energy flow in body cells. This results in relief for the whole organism.

diameter 21mm x height 0.2mm gold plated $45.60 each