Motac Feng Shui

The body work of a vehicle acts as a conductor similar to a Faraday Cage. Even the strongest lightning will not penetrate the inside of the automobile. Passengers are effectively protected against natural electromagnetic lightning.

Unfortunately, the metal body work also blocks out good natural environmental radiation, like negative ions for instance. This often leads to tiredness or travel sickness, as the body reacts to the lack of negativly polarized ions inside the car.

By sticking the tachyonized Motac Feng Shui silica discs inside the car on front and back wind-shield, the amount of polarized ions will noticeably increase due to the tachyons. Their positive effects can immediately be felt. Additionally, all body cells will be more oxygenated. This stimulates the whole organism in a very positive way.

diameter 30mm clear $39.50 each