Pendant of Eternal Light

The Pendant of Eternal Light is the Master Tool to bring forth the Great Light of Transformation for Earth. This event was seen thousands of years ago, and now we are blessed with the tool to enliven the Process of the Initial Rotations of Creation, the Process of the Source of Creation. As the Fullness of Supreme Radiance is enlivened, all may be achieved: health and abundant fulfillment. Keep this Pendant near to you for maximum benefits and enjoy.

Infinity on a chain—we will wear the Infinite around our necks. The purpose of the Pendant of Eternal Light is just that—Eternal Light. We are harnessing the nature of Eternal Light in a small, small device. We are enlivening the Supreme Field of Eternal Light. We are attracting the Beings of Light whose existence is on that level of Eternal Light.

The precious Pendant of Eternal Light will greatly strengthen the signal—we are boosting the signal—of the BioTranslator; we are boosting the signal of one’s own BioTranslator. This is owing to the refined quality of existence that is generated by the Pendant of Eternal Light. On this finer level of Creation, desires are met with greater fulfillment; more quickly, desires are fulfilled.

length 60mm x width 30mm crystal clear $420.00 each