The Pentadome shape serves to open up doorways of light, and to basically let them remain open. Very rewarding are shared invocations of light. The Pentadome harbours something lifelike -it will work and communicate with its users. It is of advantage to appoint a permanent place of residence to the Pentadome in your living-place.

The Pentadome establishes an energetic triangular field and offers a new home to beings of the Light. It is an intercommunicative link to Trinity. The potential is so high that a large hall can be enriched with this energy. The clear-coloured pentadome primarily helps and assists "spiritual work" such as remote healing, while the violet Pentadome generates a harmonious ambience and protects one's "inner gold" during the more mundane affairs of life.

Both Pentadomes can be turned around and placed in the supplied wooden frame point downwards, where the bottom opening is filled with water. This is best done at full moon. Either a special task can be given to this water, or it can be consumed or just donated back to the cycles of nature.

diameter 70mm x height 80mm violet/gold $195.00 each
crystal white/gold $195.00 each
lilac/crystal white $243.50 each