RHO Wands

Another wonderful possibility to feed Mother Earth with light is to bury RHO-wands. Initially, the information about the use of these wands was presented to us by the spiritual world when we were inquiring into the fact whether localities contaminated with radioactivity could be re-polarized using tachyon energy.

The set consists of eight boro-silicon tubes each with a length of 410 mm. Each tube is filled with explicitly informed small boro-silicon spheres. On each tube is a paint-blasted twelve-stared double helix. The tubes are to be buried in a circle. The ninth tube, which is empty, forms the centre. Large plots of land can be geomantically harmonized with this set. At the end of 1999, during an earth healing session in Chile, a set of RHO-wands was buried in a circle with a 70m diameter. Two months later, the proprietor reported that a lot of animal species, especially birds, had moved into these premises and had livened up the whole region. Since then, the bees gave a record harvest.

Several types of properties have been harmonized with RHO-Columns, like "old age homes" for horses, ponies and other animals , as well as vineyards.

lenght 410mm $2,075.00 set of 9