Seal of Genesis

This 2 inch mighty tool can be carried in your pocket and is also used in many treatments.

It is a receiver of the Impulses of Light generated by our blessed Great Seal. It connects the individual with the Blessed Stream of Love which permeates every Realm of Creation and carries all in the direction of our Blessed Almighty Source, the Brilliant Radiance of Eternal Light.

This attracts the elements and forces which support progress. It draws to the individual that Pure Value of Relationship, that Gem of All Life, the Value of Love.

Technique for relationships

Holding the Pocket Seal of Genesis in the left hand, one may pick up the Blessed BioTranslator in the right. Now, generate a specific desire-the desire for a specific relationship. It may be the relationship of Love, a desire for good relationships within the workplace.

length 450mm x height 200mm crystal clear $249 each