Semi Sphere

The Semi Sphere with its in-laid spiral pyramid can dissolve energy blockages. To achieve this, the glass tool is directed to the respective part of the body. While holding it, you may visualize the cause of the problem being harmonized and dissolved.
This glass shape is available in 5 colors.

The crystal-white Semi Sphere can be placed close to the ears to hear certain things that got lost due to daily stress. Also it can be placed on aching parts anywhere to ease the pain.

The lime-green Semi Sphere is a very beneficial tool during reincarnation therapy. For this purpose it is placed on the chest. By doing this it can open connections to other dimensional realms ,therefore opening the future and assisting with energetic-spiritual time-work.

The pine-green Semi Sphere can be placed on the thymus gland during a therapeutic session. It regenerates and re-aligns itself with the entire body. You could also for example massage the whole spine from coccyx to neck 17 times with an oiled Semi Sphere. After that turn the person onto the backside and rest for a quarter of an hour. Of course the Semi Sphere can be used for normal massage as well. Another possibility is to fill its opening with information, like a homeopathic remedy. This vibration could be gently transferred to the person lying underneath by moving the Semi Sphere slowly back and forth.

The lilac-coloured Semi Sphere opens the hearing: put a Semi Sphere on each ear first. After that, place them left and right underneath the ribs, then left and right beside the knees. Finally one at the top of your head, and one at the base of your feet. Lilac can wrap you up into a cocoon. It can bring restfulness and peace for contemplation. You may place a Semi Sphere on your navel and then let go. Just let go and forgive.
The Semi Sphere will help to solve old patterns and entanglements.

The aquamarine Semi Sphere can be successfully used in rooms where spiritual and energetic work is being done. Possibly you could glue one Semi Sphere on each wall at about chest level.

All Semi Spheres can be used to harmonize earth radiation. They form the 5th point on the ceiling.

diameter 40mm x height 20mm crystal white $66.50 each
four colors $90.00 each