ProTAC-Shields protect the living and working area from outside electromagnetic influences like mobile radios and power transmission lines. For this purpose these silicon discs are placed right in front of the window , pointing in the direction of the disturbing source. Depending on size, these discs build up a protective tachyon shield of three to twelve meter in diameter. This is also depending on the intensity of the radiation.

The ProTAC-Shields represent an effective Feng Shui tool, in order to animate areas with low energies.Their characteristic consists primarily of solving and transforming stuck energies.

All ProTAC-Shields are made with dual parts (the model Astro e.g. uses two triangles) and they create a “pulsating” energy field: tachyons are attired from the outside into the internal area and animate the inside of the room. All ProAC-Shields help to relieve old and stuck energy.

All shields are individually manufactured by hand. They combine two aspects: protection and decoration. They all increase the energy-flow (qi): applied at home or on the job, the effect will be noticed within a short time. The colours used during the manufacturing are resistant to the sun-light and don’t loose their radiant effects for many years.

With sunny weather one can see the sunbeams reflecting inside the room.

Astro diameter 100mm $122.75 each
Hexagon blue diameter 160mm $122.75 each
Hexagon rainbow diameter 160mm $122.75 each
Tree of Life length 200mm $147.00 each
Galaxius disc diameter 170mm $150.00 each
IMERA disc diameter 170mm $150.00 each