Silk Shawl

In order to preserve their subtle structure, our Silk Shawls (also known as Rainbow Shawls) are carefully colored by hand. They create a very soft tachyon field. Because of its natural structure, silk has a protecting effect and therefore the shawls are very suited to “cocoon” yourself. They are great for having a “tachyon-bath” and are excellent for meditation.

Tachyonized silk transmits its inner potentials to the wearer: protection and well being. They also lend themselves to be used right at the beginning or at the end of an energetic therapy by just covering your body with it. The seven colors will help to balance all the seven main Chakras and their corresponding glands.

On top of this, our tachyonized Rainbow Shawls are a very powerful Feng Shui aid, either as colorful decoration or to compensate energy leaks. The shawls build up a widespread tachyon field, and can therefore ward off negative influences.

The tachyon shawl invites you to "tachyon bathing", and the larger the size the deeper the effect will be of the colors. Rainbow shawls are very useful during colour therapy and Feng Shui.

length 90 cm x width 90 cm hand-colored $99.00 each
length 200 cm x width 90 cm hand-colored $179.00 each