Sitac Fibreglass Plate

Sitac Fibreglass Plates repolarize the whole domestic power supply system and electric grids of an apartment (size A6), condominium or a house (size A5 or A4). To change the polarity of the electric current, the SITAC Fibreglass Plates are to be attached directly to the fuse box or fuse panel. The protecting effects of the SITAC Fibreglass Plates lasts for decades!

The advantage of using SITAC Fibreglass Plates is that after their installation the electric and electromagnetic radiation of all connected devices and appliances (hair dryer, kitchen range, clock radio, printer, computer, TV set, lamps, etc.) will start to vibrate with a right-spin (see also Left- / Right-Spin), meaning they are no longer harmful to the human organism (with the exception of microwave ovens that is). For multi-family houses, premises and companies we offer bigger sized SITAC Fibreglass Plates. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This particular tachyon product is –compared to its effects- distinctly the lowest in cost per working unit and certainly very attractive for small, medium and large companies. Employees already report better well-being after a brief amount of time and are showing improved performances. Overall they feel much more balanced.

A4 190mm x 270mm white $243.50 each
A5 190mm x 130mm white $131.00 each
A6 130mm x 90mm white $82.50 each