The Sphere is a symbol of our Earth and other planets. It carries the aspect of infinity within, comparable with a circle. Yet the sphere is three dimensional. Spheres can help the user to arrive back on earth again.

This arrival can also mean to look back on negative experiences of one's life, and to let go of them in peace. Spheres are very suitable for dealing with pain, fears, emotional problems and recollections of "forgotten" capabilities in a conscious way. The clearer the intention of the user, the stronger the beneficial effect of the sphere will be. Spheres can re-connect body halves, and re-balance them harmoniously. They stimulate all the cell structures and DNA. Spheres support the subject of letting go.

Spheres are a capable refresher, and revitalize living-spaces and office rooms. Their energy field flow is very harmonious; everything concentrates in the middle and radiates back again. When put in front of a monitor, they bring all disturbing electromagnetic fields to order and absolve negative charge.

For workplaces 50mm spheres would be most suitable in the colours gold, aquamarine, crystal-white and pine-green. For bedrooms the 50mm spheres in the colours indigo blue, aquamarine and pine-green are the best to use. The smaller 30mm spheres are right in size for pockets and handbags and can protect the whole body from negative radiation influences like electro smog and earth radiation.

diameter 30mm available in 15 colors $66.50 each
Chakra set available at discounted price
diameter 50mm available in 15 colors $122.75 each