Spiral Sun

The energy potential of the Spiral Sun relates to manisfesting: to create something out of the "void", to materialize something. The hole in the center symbolizes the "void", from which "something" will emerge.
This is represented by the carved rays turning clockwise. Respective effects will be shown by placing the Spiral Sun on corresponding spots during therapeutic sessions.

Using it can "bring something in", or "draw things out" of the body. You may visualize a huge funnel with a dome of energy on top of it. The energy dome will "bring in" or "draw out".

In addition, Spiral Suns are very suitable to be placed in the four corners of a room, to form
a space for meditation. They will build up a field beyond the existing boundaries.
During meditation, a Spiral Sun could be positioned in the center of the circle.

To energize the contents of the fridge, the orange Spiral Sun can be placed on the bottom of the vegetable compartment, the freezer, or generally where alimentation is being kept.

length 42mm x height 7mm available in 15 colors $90.65 each