Star Pyramid

The Star Pyramid in the colour variations of golden-topaz, green, aquamarine and crystal-white can be used in meditation, however their special capacity lies in travelling to other epochs in time, and in attaining information from other periods of time.

The golden-topaz pyramid relates to recollecting the times of ancient Egypt and the Mayan culture, the green pyramid to tune into the times of Atlantean and Celtic culture. They will assist working with information stored in other times. The aquamarine pyramid aids intergalactic communication, and the crystal-white pyramid is a very intelligible transmitter of information. It can be used for remote healing and during affirmations.

Relevant information, such as pictures or little notes may be directly placed under the pyramid. The Star Pyramid concentrates all energy to a bundle of energy via the top, directing this beam downwards to form an invisible, energetic counter-pyramid at the base.

During therapeutic work, the point of the pyramid can be aimed at the acupuncture points, activating them respectively. The pyramids connect Heaven and Earth, whereby the four corners stand for earth-energies (tellurian energy), and the top for cosmic energies.
Fifteen different colours make specified applications to the body possible. The pyramids are an optical and energetic specialty.

length 50mm x height 24mm available in 15 colors $98.75 each