Sun Pyramid

The pyramid as such is the shape with the highest potential. It deals very much with the invisible realm, by letting you get in touch with non-terrestrial information sources.

The pyramid establishes a connection to the outside. It activates memories of mankind's origins, and offers orientation within the three-dimensional world. The Sun Pyramids are suitable for meditation, balancing the chakras and harmonizing rooms. During meditation for instance it can be placed directly onto the forehead, letting the special energy shape take effect.

Sun Pyramids are designed in accordance with the Pythagorean theorem. They have an open, in-lying double-pyramid, which can be filled with Bach Flower Remedies for instance, during therapeutic work. The tachyons will conduct the respective information of the essences directly to the subtle bodies, thus combining the two basic potentials of this pyramid.

length 35mm x height 19mm available in 15 colors $82.50 each
Chakra set available at discounted price