Wand of Genesis

The Wand embodies the principle of movement and abundance. In the world we live, everything moves, everything vibrates. Therefore the Wand can be applied in any instance, where the blueprint of movement is troubled, and even in moments and situations where there is almost no more energy flow. The greater the lack of energy, the more the Wand works.

The Wand holds the origins of requirements for accumulation of abundance. Your environment either promotes the accumulation of abundance, or resists it and we need the conditions to be right so that the creation of abundance is encouraged. The Wand of Genesis is a nice “Feng-Sui” tool and can be placed anywhere where abundance is wanted, like near a cashier, agenda or counter.

The Wand of Genesis embodies the principle of movement and abundance and it can therefore be used anywhere where the principle of movement is impaired, in other words where no energy is flowing. The larger the lack of energy, the stronger the effect of the Wand of Genesis.

Abundance is created out of the flow of energy currents that flow through the physical plane, and this energy flow can remove obstacles and detours.

Take the Wand of Genesis and place it - indoors or outdoors - where the energy-flow is low. If the Wand is placed outside, then it should be buried in the ground. Don't leave the wand lying in the open, even if you use it in the house.

It will make marked improvements when you lay the Wand in a place that is shunned by energy flows.

length 148mm x height 20mm crystal clear $190.00 each