A warm welcome to the wonderful world of Tachyon Energy

Crystal Quarters is the exclusive licensed distributor in Australia of BIOTAC LINE© Tachyon Products , the worldwide leader in development and production of the next generation of tachyon products.

Originating from Switzerland and living up to its reputation of high European standards, BIOTAC LINE© Tachyon Products
contain probably their most advanced and valuable asset: the Neutral Component.
Their internationally acclaimed catalogue is exclusively available in Australia at Crystal Quarters.

Tachyon energy lasts a lifetime and with the frequencies on Earth increasing by the day, tachyon energy and its healing power increase in strength as well.

Both tachyon energy and tachyon healing hold the key to alleviate chaos and stress in our daily lives. They have the ability to create new levels of order and enhance quality of life. Its tools significantly contribute toward achieving near-perfect energetic balance at
all levels. The use of tachyon not only presents a fully holistic model of healing, but also a process by which all living beings can
move towards radiant health.

Tachyonized tools are great for balancing the seven chakras and empowering healing hands. As the water test proves,
tachyons remind all cellular structures of their original order, their ideal matrix.
All our tachyonized products can, if you let them, discover disharmonies and balance them.

Below is a sample of our most popular products, please refer to our Tachyon Energy Products section for the complete catalogue.

Pentadome Sun Pyramid Semi Sphere Silicon Astro Tree Of Life E Gate Cotton Cloth Dome Silk Shawl
Tachyon Pentadome Tachyon Sunpyramid Tachyon Semisphere Tachyon Silicon Disc Tachyon Tree of Life Tachyon Egate Tachyon Cotton Tachyon Dome Tachyon Silk

This website serves as information about methods for preventive health care and self help. Whoever applies the information, does it with its own responsibility. Our products do not serve as alternatives for professional medical treatments. Don’t hesitate to contact your physician or doctor in case of illness!