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"Keys of the Arcturians" and "Geometry and the Quest for the Holy Grail"

by Dutch graphic designer and artist Janosh are multimedia presentations that will take you on a spectacular journey to your subconscious. The presentation consists of beautiful holograms, powerful music, life’s greatest questions and several Activations, which will give you a profound and inspiring insight as to how you live your life and in which way you can direct your path in life into a new direction that fits within your own truth and passion.


Timeshift Janosh is working on his next multimedia presentation and has expressed his strong desire to tour Australia again in the near future. We will keep you posted on this exciting prospect!

Crystal Quarters is the proud Australian partner of Janosh and licensed distributor of Janosh Art & The Arcturians products.

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DVD: 2012 The Hidden Message (sold out)

arcturians 2012 2012
2012 is NOW and completely different from what you have always thought it would be. After watching Janosh his latest DVD 2012 The Hidden Message, you will understand that these days are about the birth of the new You. Enjoy during this revolutionary Multimedia Experience the music but even more so the beautiful, colorful holograms, based on Sacred Geometry.

The short road
This Universal language of light is a super-highway for evolution and helps you to get to know your soul, while taking the quickest route. For you are a lot more than you think you are. A large part of our DNA is still asleep and Sacred Geometry helps our genetic material to wake up.

Managing your energy
With the help of this DVD you will be able to re-charge yourself, tune to the heartbeat of the Universe and bring out the best in yourself by following the flow at any time. Discover your passion, acknowledge your pitfalls and then decide that there is no better time than NOW to make yourself happy and to create the life which you came here for!

Includes activation Resistancearcturians 2012
In case you are still struggling against any changes, the activation Resistance will be of great help to re-program your subconscious. During this activation/meditation a hologram is composed and - by focusing on the centre - both brain halves will be brought into balance once again. During the activation you will experience a huge energy boost.

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Book: Wake Up Your DNA - The Universal Language of Sacred Geometry

arcturians dna It is now time to renew our consciousness and our role in the universe. In everyday life we often forget how special we are as human beings. This unique Artbook by Janosh intends to change that forever.

In the more than 70 holograms with geometric patterns, the colours splash off the page and are not only pleasing to the eye, but also communicate to us at soul level through the heart. Passion, Letting go, Intuition and Empowerment. These are just a few of the ‘messages’ the codes in this book transmit to our subconscious.

Janosh calls the holograms, (which often appear as crop circles too) ‘the keys to our divine potential’.
How exactly that works, he explains in an accessible manner in the accompanying text in the book.
Essentially sacred geometry forms the architecture of all creation. The most amazing and wonderful insight in this book is perhaps the realization that you and I ARE geometry. This means that if you become aware of your creativity and how to use it, you can achieve anything you want in life. So prepare for huge transformations...

With an inspiring preface by Paul de Blot S.J., the first professor of Business Spirituality at Nyenrode University (The Netherlands).

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Birthday Calendar

arcturians dna A beautifully crafted birthday calendar. Handy to remember birthdays of family and friends, or give away as a present. Every month you wil find two inspiring images such as New Born Time, Arrival, Devotion, Life Plan and more.

"Keys of the Arcturians" and "Geometry and the Quest for the Holy Grail" are experiences. A wide variety of products is available for you that you can use at home to feel the powers of these geometries again.

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Affirmation set "Keys of the Arcturians"

keys of the arcturians Positive Affirmations provide a binding link with these Arcturian Energy Cards. It is a uniquely created set of power cards which contains information and wisdom that are stored in our consciousness. These cards can be enjoyed on a daily basis to help you realize your goals and to provide support as you go through changes during your growth process. Shuffle the cards. Intuitively, you will pick just the right one. By focusing on the holograms, the information stored inside will reach deeply inside your body and subconscious. Be aware of this and realize that you are healing yourself with unconditional love.
28 different cards with extra silvercode on the back.
Booklet with all the information about the codes.

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Box "Geometry and the Quest for the Holy Grail"

Quest for the Holy Grail For centuries people have been fascinated by the Quest for the Holy Grail. With help of these unique Grail Codes the true meaning of this search will become more clear and recognizable. And the answer to what it is that we have been looking for all along will manifest itself.
33 large Grail cards with a golden frequency code on the back in Egyptian hieroglyphic script - Bound booklet with extensive information on the history of the Holy Grail and Maria Magdalene, Geometry and the Golden Ratio and the different themes of all Grail cards - Design in luxury box.

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DVD box - Arcturian Frequencies (sold out)

Arcturian Frequencies "Arcturian Frequencies" offers a revolutionary Multimedia Experience that touches anyone who will witness it on a deep level; many have already experienced this. Submersed in beautiful holograms which all contain the universal language of Sacred Geometry – and supported by powerful music – you will get a profound and inspiring insight into how you live your life. The energy released by this unique experience enables you to create and manifest all that you wish for. A 55 minute journey to your subconscious mind… You have to see it to believe it!

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Art Posters on Artpaper in luxery white tube

Arcturian Posters For the first time this season posters of the codes are available! The posters are printed on art paper, are 70 by 100 cm and are delivered in a white tube.
Currently there are five different codes available on posters.
Transition, Timeshift, Creation, Balance and Healing.
All full-color posters are shipped ready for framing.

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Luxury postcards + envelop (sold out)

Arcturian Cards "The luxury postcards are available in different sets of 10 cards per box. Each luxury card contains a foulded empty card, an envelop and an explanation of the code on the card. The size of the cards is 15 x 15 cm.

Set 1 contains:
Third Wave, Transition, Contact, Communication, Illusion, Integration, Enlightenment, Wisdom, Loyalty and Openness.
Set 2 contains:
Transition, Duality, Balance, Healing, Forgiveness, Frequency, Emergence, Timeshift,
Confirmation and Release.
Set 3 contains:
Recognition, Patience, Blueprint, Remembrance, Gratitude, Intuition, Empowerment,
Abundance, Confidence, and Self-respect.
Set 4 contains:
Guilt, Manifestation, Turning point, Passion, Trust, Synchronicity, Conversion, Transition,
Creation, and Unconditionally.
Set 5 contains: NEW Transformation, Completeness, Choices, Opportunities, Self-Reflection,
Compassion, Limitation, Birth, Resistance and Realisation.

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