Red is the colour of strength, of health and vitality, of activity, willingness to act, and of excitement, in its positive and negative meaning. Red is the colour of the earth, and deals with basic matters and with grounding.
Orange acts as a mild stimulant, it is constructive, strengthening, of positive behaviour, cheerful in every respect and benefiting to one's health. This colour inspires and animates.
Golden Topaz is the colour of the sun and of balanced strength. Gold represents the divine principle of Abundance.It will especially help all individuals who are overly self-conscious and not as courageous as a lion yet.
Yellow offers a tempered warmth, is balancing in character, but deeply penetrating. It supports learning and activates intellectual capacities. Yellow helps to stimulate the left-brain sphere. It can counterbalance excessive emotionality.
Lemon shows similar effects like yellow, but as combined with the clarity of crystal-white it will activate spiritual qualities on top.
Lime Green can sprout potentialities that lie dormant in one's being. Lime green represents the primary growth of springtime. Each plant germinating from the soil enwombs this colour within. Lime-green is a mixture between yellow and green and will therefore assist individuals with disharmonies in theses chakras and the respective parts of the bodies.
Pine Green is the colour of balance, the colour between blue and yellow. It will calm down, give inner space. Green supports the nervous system, has a balancing effect on the cardiovascular functions. It is the colour of the balanced heart, and relates to evolution, as love seeks expansion and believing.
Pink is a composite colour: purple brought down to earth. Rosé is also considered as the colour of love and acts favourably on the emotions of the heart. It often applies for people who do not love themselves or have not received enough love in their childhood. Rosé seems to be one of the "strongest" colours, regarding that to be able to give and to receive love is one of our main issues here on earth.
Aquamarine is the colour of communication. Its application helps working on unsolved or stored traumatic shocks. It will balance related symptoms as e.g. stuttering, asthma, immune system deficiencies, acne, fear and lack of self-confidence.
Indigo Blue is a healing colour with sublime healing potential. It calms and it enhances intuition. It can be used e.g. with inflammatory conditions.
Lilac gently wakens hidden potential. Often this colour finds application with individuals who do not yet know exactly which way to go, but have a little inkling of the direction. Also lilac is considered a colour with spring-like qualities, as it assists the bringing out of inside possibilities.
Magento is a colour of transition. It unites red (earth) and violet (heaven). It interacts between the polarities and helps to manifest transformation. It will serve "the love of small things" in life, and help to accept them, bring them into being. This colour also aids matters of the heart, and can release and ease old emotional pain.
Violet takes effect in the domain of spirituality and spiritual integration. It represents the doorway between the material plane and other dimensions.
Opal corresponds to perceiving structures, which move from the invisible towards the visible. It can help to "materialize" ideas and bring them into physical reality. The eight chakra, located above the head and outside the physical body, is activated by this colour.
Crystal White deals with clarity and the transmission of information. This colour contains the whole range of spectral colours, and primarily assists individuals who do not know which way to go. Crystal-white may bring some ideas; ideas, which can help to bring deep-rooted, desires into the open.