Scientifically speaking, tachyons are characterized as theoretical subtle particles with real energy but imaginary mass, which move faster than light. This "Faster than Light Particle", or Tachyon Energy, is unlimitedly available.

The Tachyonization™ process restructures natural materials at the sub-molecular level creating permanent Tachyon antennas that are able to focus Tachyon energy. Tachyonized materials, like the ones seen here, have been instrumental in helping people in over 93 countries on their path to finding balance and radiant health!
Biotacline Earth

A tachyonization machine opens up a window into the point of singularity or oneness that exists just prior to frequency. This window is the gateway between our frequency world and the non-frequency world of faster-than-the-speed-of-light energy where everything exists in a state of pure potential. At this point of singularity, anything that is in the "space" is altered at the sub molecular level, causing its natural molecular structure to realign in such a way that it becomes a permanent antenna for the non-frequency tachyon energy.

In other words, the specially calibrated vibrational frequencies change the whole sub-molecular structure of the product durably, so that after tachyonization it shows the effect of an antenna which attires tachyons. During the process of tachyonization, the "mechanical" frequencies and vibrations of this inter-material space are being durably changed. Depending on the basic material, the changed vibration stays for about 120 years. Of course this is only an estimate.
Biotacline Waves

Range of Application

Tachyon energy can nowadays find relevant use in the following areas:

> to harmonize electrosmog
> to harmonize earth radiation
> to vitalize water and drinking water
> to optimise pollutant emission of combustion aggregates
> to improve effectiveness of combustion aggregates
> in the areas of geomancy and agriculture
> for water treatment in indoor and outdoor swimming pools
> to create order out of chaos in every living cell on this planet

Respective scientific studies of validated specialist laboratories corroborate the effectiveness and efficiency of BIOTAC TECLINE® products.
Tachyon Scientific Studies

Effects of Tachyon Energy

Generally speaking, we can think of tachyons causing equilibrium as their initial effect. As a next step, the raising of their potency "to the powers" sets in. As succeeding effect you will find solution.
• tachyons know exactly "what's wrong with the pudding"
• they can, if you let them, discover disharmonies and "immediately" balance them
• tachyons know how organic systems "function" at their best

Tachyons remind structures (e.g. water) of their original order, their ideal matrix
Tachyon Oscillation