Tachyon Healing Courses are 1 and 2 day courses in a group of maximum of 10 people. Private 1 on 1 teachings are also available. From 10 am - 4 pm $250.-- group, $300.-- private 1 on 1. (price is per person per day.)

Working with Tachyon is a day of teaching (10am-4pm) incl lunch $175.-- (price is per person per day.)

Tachyon Healing sessions are 1/2 Hour for $45 and 1 Hour for $80

Tachyon Parties in your house or at Crystal Quarters. You can request a Tachyon Healing, a demonstration how Tachyon works, and the opportunity to see, feel and order the Tachyon products that we have on offer.

House Assessments are $150.-- for a ±2 Hour assessment and advice on how to harmonize and balance the energy of your home.

Meditation during the day or in the evening. Gatherings are held on a regular basis.

About Tachyon Healing, Tachyon is totally non-specific. Tachyon really doesn't have any effect in and of itself. What Tachyon does is give our organism, our body, our subtle bodies the chance to produce whatever effects they need. And since our bodies are incredibly intelligent, they always produce the effects that are good for them. Tachyon energy has the ability to give us access to Zero Point energy. So potentially, Tachyon energy can positively affect all the problems we may have, whether they are mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical!

Meditation is an exercise, aiming to prevent thoughts in a natural way, by deeply relaxing the physical body and then trying to keep the mind completely "blank" with no thoughts whatsoever. This state may be maintained for a few seconds or a few hours, depending on your skill. Purity of the mind achieved during meditation is essential to gain access to the Higher Self. It seems that our Higher Self does not admit any impurities.