hi, I received my tachyon products today.
my living room feels so much better or should I say I feel so much better. Thank you.
I can feel their power and have an increased feeling of happiness, wellbeing and peace-fullness.
They are a great investment knowing how long they will last.
I am looking forward to meditating with them and will certainly be adding to my collection as I am able.
I look forward to seeing how the sphere works when I am back at work next week.

kind regards,
stephanie NSW


Brian from Perth here, Merry Xmas by the way.
Thank you for the advice on what to use for my dog. The aqua tachyonia works wonders.
Thanks again, and I will be ordering some more.

Brian, Perth WA


Doctors amazed at Rose's very quick recovery, had expected she'd be in intensive care for a few days (she was out in less than 24hrs) then in hospital for at least a week. She was feeling so good when I called her last night, confident she'll be home on the weekend.
I have no doubt the tachyon water has helped her whole system in dealing with this so well.

And little Charlie is sleeping well every night, with the rainbow shawl helping her.
Ank, my family and friends are all benefitting very much. Thankyou, thankyou!!

Love to you,
Helen, Central Coast


Fiona here, I bought some tachyons from you a little while ago and would like to order some more please.
I became a distributor with you on the last occassion.
Thank you very much Ank. I am just blown away by the Orange Spiral Sun and the change to the food in the fridge!

Hear from you soon
Fiona, Central Coast